The concept of “I hate you, I love you” looks very easy but you don’t know, all the feelings of songwriter are hidden within the lines and that’s what the concept is! First 50sec are reinforced by Olivia whereas Gnash measures in the music afterward while strolling through the woodlands. One thing I have observed is that the jungle part of the music is captivated by Gnash while the oceanic aspect is assisted by the vocals of Olivia. A mixture of the shrub and water looks quite awesome philosophically!

Play “I hate U, I love U” now.

Download Gnash – I Hate U, I Love U ft. Olivia O’Brien (MP3)

Being a United States musician, Olivia O’Brien is generally known just because of the cooperation with Gnash. Beginning with the oceanic scenes along with the forest view, it clip seems to be fascinating.

With a very massive determine of opinions, this perform is basically getting reputation and recognition and it’s becoming popular, to some degree. 1.3M likes vs only 30K dislinks doesn’t make change actually.


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